Services We Provide

Contract Hauling

4Vertical Integration

Our primary business focus is contract hauling for large construction contractors however, we are also available for hauling aggreagate, mulch and topsoil for residential service as well.

We are equipped to meet all of your hauling needs by providing both hourly and contract services including, but not limited to:

*Hauling Asphalt and Concrete
*Hauling Aggregates - small and large
*Hauling Soils - topsoil and fill dirt
*Hauling Wood Products - mulch and woodchips
*Hauling demolition debris

and much more !


Snow Removal

1We provide complete snow and ice removal services, snow hauling, snow plowing, snow blowing, ice melting, salting. 24 hr winter service is available for both commercial and residential customers in the Columbus Area.

Commercial Winter Snow Plowing and Ice removal programs are a must for your business to help protect you from possible litigation. From Parking Lots, Driveways, Sidewalks, Streets, Roads, Industrial Properties, Residential Properites, Apartment Buildings, Condominiums, Banks, Shopping Centers, Grocery Markets, Hospitals and Health Care Facilities, Churches, Restaurants, Office Buildings, and Gas Stations, Guider Enterprises has you covered.

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